Cryospain has been awarded with a new project for the design and production of vacuum pipelines (VIP) for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) transmission. This large new pipeline shall be installed in Sweden.

The demand for this project arises from the need of new LNG supply points for ships in the ports.

The new environmental regulation approved by the IOM (International Maritime Organization) obliges ships to use low-sulfur fuels, such as Liquid Natural Gas. This new regulation called IMO 2020 was established on January 1, 2020 and involves most of the western European coast.

This decision will significantly reduce the amount of sulfur oxide coming from ships and vessels approaching the coast. This will bring health and environmental benefits to the world, especially to the populations bordering the coast and seaports.

The demand for Liquid Natural Gas in ports has increased exponentially, since a large part of maritime transport has seen as a great opportunity to switch or retrofit their engines to LNG. The growing demand for this gas has required the creation of new infrastructures in the ports to enhance its supply, since until very recently, the bunkering operations were carried out by means of road tankers.

In Cryospain we are experts in the design and production of cryogenic vacuum-insulated pipes. Our technical team is using by state-of-the-art calculation software and we offer our clients with the highest technology and a team of engineers and professionals specialized in the cryogenic industry.

In addition, we have our own production center where our technicians and operators carry out the construction and assembly of the cryogenic pipes with one of the most advanced machinery that can be found in the market. To guarantee the quality of the process, all our production steps are verified and certified by our quality team.

Our cryogenic engineering projects at national and international level are an example of professionalism in their different fields. Quality, technology, and good customer service are the fundamental values of the company, which contribute to our success.


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