At Cryospain we are experts in carrying out tailor-made engineering projects, adapted to the needs of each client. We are currently developing a cryogenic engineered system designed for the unloading of road tankers and the refilling of one small scale LNG regasification plant.

This custom-made pump skid has been designed and will be installed in a new resort infrastructure in Jamaica. A technological system that will provide the gas needed to feed the entire complex with electricity. This skid has been designed to safely discharge the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) tanks that feed the satellite regasification plant, which converts the LNG into gas.

This process is fundamental to be able to feed a “tri-generation” power plant, to obtain electricity, heat and cold through the natural gas. Natural gas is a clean and environmentally friendly energy, if we compare it with other traditional fossil fuels. It emits 95% fewer particles, 85% less NOx, and no heavy metals or SO2 into the atmosphere. In addition, it reduces noise and vibration emissions by more than 50% compared to a standard diesel engine.

At Cryospain we are specialists in the custom design of cryogenic systems powered by LNG and CNG. Our commitment to the environment and the commitment to green energies are part of our values to continue growing as a reference in the cryogenic engineering sector.


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