High-end engineering at low temperatures

The security and value of a company with cryogenic expertise

Custom-made engineering to meet the needs of the cryogenics construction sector

From supplying turnkey projects with equipment, technical assistance and maintaining cryogenic equipment, we provide the perfect solution to meet the needs of each customer



We provide engineering, construction, implementation and maintenance services for every type of installation.

We specialise in providing engineering (basic and detailed), maintenance and assembly services for cryogenic installations with highly technical specifications, based on their quality, safety and stipulated time frames.

Cryogenic Installations

Specialists in designing and installing cryogenic plants for storing and transporting liquefied gases.

A complete service covering a wide range of low-temperature solutions, from storing low-pressure liquefied gases, channelization and packaging plants and regasification.


We are official distributors of the most widely recognised brands within the gas sector at both a national and international level.

We at Cryospain take care of supplying and installing components and equipment for large projects and engineering developments, as well as providing all the necessary post-sale technical support.


A multidisciplinary team focused on providing the best maintenance solutions for cryogenic installations.

Staff with over 15 years of experience, satisfying our customers in terms of maintenance and technical support for gas-related equipment and installations of differing pressures.

Leaders for liquefied-gas storage and distribution solutions

Here at Cryospain we are leaders when it comes to the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of custom-built cryogenic systems, servicing the world’s most important gas companies.

Our customers look to us to offer them personalised solutions that perfectly align with their process requirements, provide them with innovation and quality throughout the design and assembly phases, as well as to optimise processes and reduce construction and installation times.

The versatility of our design and production teams during the developmental stages of our projects allows for the discovery of unique, highly innovative and technological solutions for the most complicated of problems.

We work for the world’s main gas companies

Advanced engineering and technological equipment

To trust in Cryospain as a technological partner for carrying out design and implementation projects for advanced cryogenic installations is to choose a safe and effective solution. Ever-changing and increasingly uncertain environments require that large companies rely on partners with professionals and advanced processes to help them improve the quality of their services.

We take our engineering projects to anywhere in the world

Our installations can be found in more than 20 countries

The possibility of relying on Cryospain for help allows our customers to introduce new technologies and innovative cryogenic engineering solutions, take on new and larger projects, as well as speed up the growth of their services in any part of the world.

Our specialised and highly-qualified technicians guarantee the technological viability of the projects in which they take part, in over 20 different countries across 4 continents, providing our customers with the security they require.