Expertise and quality

The security and value of a company with cryogenic expertise

Excellence is the goal

Always committed to reaching the highest standards of quality

Even though Cryospain is a recently created company, our staff have over 15 years of experience in the field of industrial cryogenics, fully satisfying our customers with the design, manufacture, assembly, technical assistance and maintenance of equipment and installations related to cryogenics and high-pressure gases.

Furthermore, we at Cryospain are committed to meeting the most stringent standards of quality in all the activities we undertake. This commitment ensures the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers all over the world, for whom we undertake projects while providing the adequate levels of safety and assurance.

Our commitment to quality can be broken down as follows:

– Respecting the needs of our customers.
– Working in close collaboration with our suppliers.
– Adhering to the applicable regulations.

Advancing to a more useful, innovative and safe form of engineering

Certificates for all the activities related to the cryogenics industry

Extensive experience and compliance with the sector’s highest standards of quality are reflected in the levels of excellence of our processes, products and service, all of which are key elements within our company. We at Cryospain have adopted the engineering sector’s most demanding quality standards for ourselves, securing the main quality and safety certificates from both public and private regulatory organisations.



Enrolled in the Community of Madrid’s Industrial Register with authorisation numbers 28/123.220 and 28/127.681 for installing pressure equipment and carrying out repairs on tanks containing hazardous materials.



Installer of high-pressure equipment EIP-2 (13-B-D62 - Category II). Royal Decree 2060/2008 12 December, and thereby approved by the Pressure Equipment Regulations.



Repairer of high-pressure equipment ERP-2 (13-B-E62 – Category II). Royal Decree 2060/2008 12 December, and thereby approved by the Pressure Equipment Regulations.



Enrolled in the Register of Suppliers for Southern Europe and Latin America with REPRO number 318230.



Enrolled in the Register of Pressure Equipment Manufacturers with Nº FAP-160 assigned on 20 December 2006.



Management system certified by the Bureau Veritas in accordance with regulation ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 y OHSAS 18001:2007

OHSAS 18001:2007


ISO 14001:2004


ISO 9001:2008



RINA 04b

Latest news

Check out our most recent projects around the world


– Air Liquide Global Solutions, Glogow (Poland), 1579 m3 LOX and 1000 m3 LIN. Year 2013, status, implemented.

– Praxair N.V. (Belgium), 3000 m3 LOX and 2000 m3 LIN, year 2013, status, pending cool down.

– Linde Dresde, Krivoy Roig (Ukraine), 1400 m3 LOX and 750 m3 LIN, year 2013. status, implemented.

– Ute Sener Indox, Santa Cruz (Bolivia), 3.000 m3 GNL, year 2013. Status, pending cool down.

– Air Liquide Gloval Solutions, Ras Laffan (Qatar), 4.500 m3 LOX, year 2014. Status, under construction.

– Praxair Gijon (Spain), 1.000 m3 LIN/LOX. Year 2014. Implemented.

– Air Liquide Global Solutions, Senda (South Africa), 4.500 m3 LOX. Status, under construction.


– DN 25, Customer Praxair/EADS espacio.

– DN 15 temperature-controlled vacuum chamber, Customer Alter

– Vacuum-insulated piping for transferring LIN within a production plant, customer Linde.

– DN 150 vacuum-insulated piping, power moving from a flat-bottom tank to a supply pump. Customer Messer

– Vacuum-insulated piping for transferring power to a vacuum chamber. Customer Telstar.

– Vacuum-insulated piping for transferring power to an aerospace testing chamber. Customer Crisa/ Air Products.

– System of vacuum-insulated piping for Fluor/ Gate Terminal, for GNl and sizes DN 300, DN 150 and DN 100.