Large engineering projects all over the world

We offer solutions to complex problems

Our company is recognised and recommended by the world’s leading manufactures of industrial and medical gases as a supplier of equipment and custom-built engineering solutions relating to the storage of low-temperature gases.

Our team’s experience and the high technical abilities of an almost 15-year-old specialist-engineering firm, makes our company a reliable partner when it comes to carrying out large projects. Our processes and experience allow us to create comprehensive solutions, from the design phase right up until the on-site assembly and then the resulting monitoring and maintenance work carried out by our specialist technicians. The staff at Cryospain have ample experience when it comes to designing, prefabricating and assembling every kind of cryogenic tank across the domestic market as well as abroad.


Cryogenic tanks

Storage installations for low pressure gases

Cryospain has vast experience in the design, offsite prefabrication and onsite assembly, as well as in terms of providing technical support, for every type of cryogenic storage tank for low-pressure liquefied gases, built in accordance with the industry standards (API 620, EN 14620 and any additional standards relating to seismic, wind, stairs and platform design…).

We have the technical and financial ability to supply turnkey low-pressure liquefied-air gas tanks from 500 to 10,000 m3 and from 1,000 m3 to 30,000 m3 for LNG. They are made with double-skinned steel frames and are heat insulated using high-tech materials (cellular glass, expanded perlite, mineral wool…).


Super-insulated piping

High-tech and high-vacuum pipes applied to cryogenics

We design pipes and components for transporting liquefied gases without any thermal leakages. When thermal leakages and the avoidance of the gasification of liquids are important, we offer a suitable vacuum-insulated solution: piping, steam traps, phase separators and instant cooling systems.

We work in every kind of sector from the production of LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, LNG bunkering and in sectors like cryobiology and the aerospace and drinks industries.


Satellite plants

Comprehensive Natural Gas storage and distribution equipment

We design, fully install as well as monitor and maintain satellite plants that distribute natural gas within plants, to populations living remotely from production centres or to where piped gas is unavailable.

All the plants are designed in accordance with the customers’ requirements in terms of storage and the supply flow rate through the use of a modular design and standard components.


Cylinder filling system

Supply, installation and aftersales support of complete CO2 filling stations

Cryospain can supply and install complete high-pressure gas-filling systems as well as any other components that may relate to them, providing comprehensive solutions for production companies to distributors of industrial as well as medicinal gases.

Furthermore, at Cryospain we provide a wide range of auxiliary equipment for filling installations, cylinder maintenance, production tracking control.

We add value to cryogenics

Integration of equipment for complete cryogenic solutions

We at Cryospain adapt to whatever our customers’ needs may be. We have the adequate technical ability to design and manufacture fully skidded units that can be custom-built to include various pieces of cryogenic equipment, designed and adapted to meet the specific characteristics and needs of each project.

These solutions come equipped with control panels and include all the instruments necessary for properly monitoring the station, such as gauges, DPS and level meters; as well as pumps, vaporizers, heat exchangers, tanks and other elements that are fully integrated in as compact a manner as possible and allowing for ease of use.