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Maintenance and repair of cryogenic pumps

Cryospain has a workshop, with a separate cleanroom, that is used exclusively for maintaining and repairing cryogenic pumps. It has highly-specialised staff and technical resources to carry out these tasks both in our workshop as well as in our customers’ installations.

We also have a large number of parts for the most common pumps in stock with the aim of minimising delivery times.


Maintenance and repair of cryogenic tanks and tankers

Cryospain has a workshop used exclusively for inspecting, maintaining and repairing vacuum seals in every type of cryogenic container, such as fixed tanks, tankers, transportable tanks (dewars) as well as other kinds of vacuum-insulated cryogenic tanks, like insulated piping and piston pump cold heads.

The inspection and maintenance of these containers includes a helium test to detect and repair any leaks; control panel manufacture and reparation; perlite filling; the inspection and reparation of cryogenic valves; pneumatic and electrical installation; etc.

These tasks can either be carried out in our assembly plant or in our customers’ facilities depending on the requirements of the case in question.