Supplying and selling the latest cryogenic technology

Official partners with the industry’s leading brands

Cryospain is not only about innovative engineering and design. We are also distributors for some of the leading cryogenic component and equipment manufacturers, products which we also install in our own projects.

Equipment such as centrifugal pumps, piston pumps, vaporizers and valves for low-pressure cylinders.

Centrifugal and piston pumps

Centrifugal pumps

Cryospain supplies a wide range of pumps for transferring cryogenic liquid between two storage tanks (stationary pumps) and for quickly discharging cryogenic liquid from a mobile tank (pumps on tanks).

The stationary pumps can be supplied frame-mounted with all the instrumentation needed for turnkey-related pumping solutions.

The centrifugal pumps are driven through a fixed speed increasing gearbox motor, variable speed motors controlled by a frequency converter or also a variable speed hydraulic motor.

Thanks to their robust and compact design, Cryostar tanks have become a worldwide standard.

Cryostar equips the whole range of centrifugal transfer pumps with the famous “Cryostar Composite Mechanical Seal” as standard, providing an extended lifetime that is three to four times longer than the carbon rings that are commonly used. Other seals such as “Cryostar Dry Gas Seal” are also available.


Piston pumps

Piston pumps are mainly used for filling gas cylinders and tanks. These pumps are made to work at very high pressures with very low NPSH values. Additionally, thanks to their innovative design they have a long lifespan.

We supply a very extensive range of piston pumps to satisfy the majority of our customers’ needs.

Included in this range is the MRP pump, which is oil lubricated and typically used to fill high-pressure air gases. This is presently the preferred pump of many companies due to its effectiveness and reliability. Other standout features are its ease of upkeep, quick cool down and minimal gas leakage.

We also supply specialised pumps for liquefied natural gases (LNG) and hydrogen (H2).

And for LCO2 and LN2O applications we carry the PPC pump which has a volume of up to 18 l/min and supports pressures of up to 120 bar.


Vaporizing systems

These are heat exchangers used for regasifying liquefied gases stored at very low temperatures. The optimal solution of each process will depend upon the weather conditions, the available energy sources (hot water, vapour, electricity), preferences and local regulations.

Ambient vaporizers with natural and forced ventilation, standard all-aluminium design for low pressure (40 bar) and with stainless steel inner tubing for high pressure (420 bar). Electropolished stainless steel tubing for high purity systems is optimal.

Hot-water vaporizers: a container with an inner coil that is submerged in hot water.

Steam vaporizers: a container with an inner coil that is submerged in a bath of steam-sparged water or without means of intermediate reheating.

Electric vaporizers: a container with an inner coil, the electric heaters of which are submerged in a heating medium (for example water/glycol).

Combustion fuel fired vaporizers: The heat produced through combustion can be used directly or indirectly in a water bath or in a water recirculation system.

Mobile vaporizers: the equipment can be supplied in a container-sized structure or on a stainless steel platform.

Pressure building vaporizers: the purpose of which is to maintain the pressure of the tank or tanker during the liquid extraction process. This equipment can either be stationary so as to be mounted adjacent to the tanks or can be mounted in the lower section of the mobile tank or tanker.

Gas reheaters: consisting of a stainless steel container with an electric heating element. This element heats the gas to the required temperature.

vaporizador ambiental natural_01


Valves for high-pressure gas cylinders

We supply valves for high-pressure gas cylinders with a residual pressure system for both cylinders and blocks. Additionally, we carry 300 bar block valves with a pressure reduction mechanism.


Cryogenic valves

We supply cryogenic and gate valves for every type of use in liquefied-air gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), CO2 and N2O installations. The most common types are globe, control, check and safety valves.