Once again, at Cryospain we are launching an advanced cryogenic engineering project. In this case we’re committing to a comprehensive project for a gas company that deals with the production and supply of gasses, such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon.

This is thus a new opportunity to contribute to the efficient supply of technical gasses, an expanding industry of which our client is an important part within their scope.

With more than two decades working within the cryogenic sector, at Cryospain we are specialized in comprehensive cryogenic solutions and custom equipment. This experience, together with the commitment to the most cutting-edge, effective and sustainable technologies, allowed us to approach the project in a comprehensive and successful way.

The development of the cryogenic tanks, from start to finish

More specifically, the client got in touch with us to help with the supply, engineering, manufacturing and on-site assembly of two 1000 m3 cryogenic low-pressure flat bottom tanks for a newly built air separation plant (ASU). This last step also includes testing, cleaning, painting, filling, and the addition of perlite insulation.

At Cryospain, we are therefore in charge of commissioning the tanks, as well as ensuring their proper functioning.

All this implies that the project must contemplate the following phases:

  • Engineering phase in our facilities in Pinto (Madrid), with 1,200 m2 of active surface for the production and manufacturing of cryogenic equipment.
  • Prefabrication phase, which takes place in the Cryospain workshop in this same town.
  • Shipping of the material by land to the location for the work.
  • Tank assembly, guaranteeing full-time supervision of a cryogenic tank expert.
  • Functional verification tests based on the device’s design code EN 14620.

Thanks to our production capacity and development in our own cryogenic workshops, at Cryospain we are able to significantly reduce production times without giving up on delivering the highest quality.

It is precisely this productive capacity, together with our experience in other critical areas such as transportation or the starting up of equipment, that has positioned us as one of the most important European companies in the cryogenic sector.

The project started in August 2023. The assembly phase is expected to take place in May 2024, while the completion date is scheduled for June 2025.

In summary, Cryospain positions itself with this new project as one of the most reliable companies in the development and implementation of cryogenic storage tanks in Europe. Want to learn more about Cryospain’s work in the development of cryogenic storage tanks? Download our success story for a LH2 Storage Tank and discover our experience in this area.


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