Despite the difficulties that arose from COVID19, at Cryospain we continue our work on new international projects thanks to our advanced digital ecosystem and human capital trained in the latest technologies.

This time, we have been assigned a project of two flat-bottom cryogenic tanks to be installed in the Russian Federation. The tanks to be designed will have a capacity of 1500 m3 of LIN (Liquid Nitrogen) and 1000 m3 of LOX (Liquid Oxygen)and will comply with the current safety regulations required for this type of installation. Cryospain is committed to the safety and quality of its products and designs, which is why we are a reliable and a leading company in the design of cryogenic systems.

Cryospain will carry out the tasks of designing the tanks, producing each part and element that is part of this product and sending it to its destination in fulfillment of the incoterm DAP supply. Subsequently, the client will carry out the field assembly, being supervised by one of our specialized supervisors to ensure that the established designs, the rigorous international safety standards and our high quality standard are met. At present we are in the first phase, during which the main drawings are being made, such as the general layout drawing, civil works guide drawings with loads, assembly drawings for the inner and outer tanks and the ITP.

At Cryospain we already have experience in flat-bottom cryogenic tank projects that shall comply with the specific regulations of the Eurasian community; We have supplied a large capacity cryogenic storage tank in Uzbekistan few years ago. Our cryogenic designs and productions are adapted to the new official and international regulations required by each country in their respective cryogenic projects.


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