At Cryospain, we have always known that digital and technological transformation is the only way forward: So, say hello to our new website where you’ll find all the information you need on the services we bring to our clients. We pride ourselves on providing only the best cryogenic engineering solutions, tailored to the needs and requirements of you, our customers.

We hope you’ll enjoy’s responsive web design that lets you browse our pages from any of your preferred devices: computer, tablet or mobile.

We are in high demand for projects from all over the world, so it was obvious to us that we needed to offer our page in as many different languages as possible: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Arabic.

Take a look around the site and you’ll see that our team of professionals (and the world-class services they offer) are at the very heart throughout: Engineers, draftsmen, production workers, salesforce, maintenance workforce.

You’ll find the following sections in our new website:

  • Company: A tour through some of the most important milestones in Cryospain since its foundation in 2002 right up to today. You’ll also meet the leaders of our company and see how Cryospain’s management is structured.
  • Installations: An overview of the installations carried out by Cryospain at a global level:
    • Storage: Technical details and characteristics of our main storage tanks around the world.
    • Cryoline: We design and produce the highest quality cryogenic pipes. Designed for the transport of LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, LHe, LH2 AND LNG.
    • Plants and stations: Turnkey supply of plants and stations for industrial, medical or natural gases (filling, fueling, regasification).
    • Customized equipment: We manufacture tailor-made infrastructure and equipment for the cryogenic industry, providing efficient solutions to the specific needs of our clients.
  • Services: A description of the different services that Cryospain provides:
    • Maintenance: Our facilities include an exclusive workshop for the repair and maintenance of cryogenic pumps, dewars, rangers, vacuum insulation tanks and cryogenic road tankers.
    • Distribution: We supply components and devices for cryogenics from the most recognized brands in the sector.
    • Engineering services: We offer consulting services and technical development of cryogenic engineering projects.
    • After-sales service: Our priority is to provide quality, hands-on support. A team with vast experience and our over 3.000 m² of workshop space mean we never disappoint.
  • News: On this page we keep you up to date with our latest news about projects, incorporations and developments from the cryogenic engineering world on both a national and international level. Subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!
  • Contact: Do you need sound advice and the best possible partner for your cryogenic project? Or perhaps you want to join our team? Get in touch by phone, email or contact form.

We wanted this new website to faithfully reflect Cryospain’ s philosophy as a leading company in cryogenic installations, based on a passionate belief in technology, communication and quality of our services. We always offer the best solution, tailored to the needs and requirements of each client.


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