Cryospain, a reference company for cryogenic engineering in Europe, starts a new project for the design and production of vacuum pipes(VIP) for the transfer of Liquid Nitrogen. This installation will be part of a cryogenic facility located in the city of Zuidbroek, The Netherlands.

At Cryospain we are experts in the design and production of cryogenic vacuum-insulated pipelines. We offer our clients the highest technology and a team of engineers and professionals specialized in the cryogenic industry. Our extensive experience in cryogenic piping is backed up by the countless international projects we have carried out around the world. Our engineers and technicians use the most advanced design and finite element software for the elaboration and planning of cryogenic pipes.

This new project will consist of a total of more than 200 meters of vacuum pipe with an estimated pressure of 17 Bars. In all the section of the pipe, the specified regulations in force will be applied and the corresponding helium leak tests will be carried out to confirm the maximum quality of our products. This is a stamp of identity that Cryospain has as a basic value, the quality in all our work. This project will comply with the design code: EN 13480.

Our team of design engineers and draftsmen have already started the first phase of drawings, which will be passed on to the workshop team within 3 weeks. The elaboration of each part, element and their corresponding joints and welds will be carried out during the month of August, then the pipes will be ready to be sent to the Netherlands.


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