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Centrifugal and piston cryogenic pumps

At Cryospain we have a workshop with a clean room dedicated exclusively to the repair and maintenance of cryogenic pumps.

We have a team of highly specialized professionals and technical means for all types of repair, which we can do both in our workshop and at our client’s facility.

With the goal of minimizing delivery times, we have a permanent stock of a wide range of parts for centrifugal and piston cryogenic pumps. 


Dewars y rangers

Dewars and rangers require frequent, exhaustive maintenance to comply with usage and safety regulations.

At our specialized workshop, operational since 2005, we carry out the comprehensive maintenance of these portable vacuum-insulated containers (PGS) and other types of device. We have repaired over 2000 units..

We specialize in:

  • Helium testing on outer container using mass spectrometry (search for pores)
  • Helium testing on inner container using mass spectrometry (search for pores)
  • Heating in evacuated tube collector (85-90ºC for 48 hours).
  • Pumping with primary pump + diffuser + trap up to level of 10-5mbar.
  • Stabilization and measurement of final vacuum.
  • Airtightness testing of the valve system with dry N2 gas.
  • Checking of leaks in valve system using soapy water.
  • Inspection/replacement of manometer.
  • Inspection (removal)/replacement of safety valves.
  • Final airtightness testing of the equipment with dry N2 gas.

Vacuum-insulated storage tanks and tankers

The different temperatures cryogenic tanks are subject to generates a high degree of wear and tear on their parts, which must be inspected and replaced regularly. 

At Cryospain, we have a workshop dedicated exclusively to the inspection, maintenance, and recreation of vacuum of tanks and ISO containers

Framework agreements with companies of reference and over 200 units repaired testify to our experience

Our goal is to guarantee our clients that their storage equipment for cryogenic materials will always be operational and running at full capacity.

Flat bottom cryogenic tanks

As flat bottom cryogenic tanks are installed outdoors, they are exposed to the elements.For this reason, these installations require periodic maintenance.

The inspection and maintenance of these recipients includes the detection and repair of leaks, the repair and manufacturing of control panels, the inspection and repair of cryogenic valves, pneumatic and electrical installations, etc.

We carry out these tasks both at our workshop and at the client’s facility, depending on the needs in each case.

High-pressure gas cylinder filling stations

More and more clients trust in Cryospain to provide the comprehensive service of preventive maintenance, periodic inspection, and repair of their filling centers and pressure equipment.

Following the indications of ITC EP6, we carry out pressure testing and check the valves, safety elements, and control elements to guarantee that the facility complies with the current legislation.

For this equipment we carry out level A, B, and C inspections with the corresponding testing.

We also offer a corrective maintenance service in which we replace any damaged or worn elements to improve the ongoing functioning and safety of the facilities. 

    LNG and CNG filling stations

    NGV stations constitute a relatively new filling system, which is why many of its users are not yet prepared for the correct use of the different models that exist.This misuse causes wear and tear in elements of the facility.

    For their maintenance, at Cryospain we have technicians trained in the prevention, detection, and resolution of damage to liquid and compressed natural gas systems.


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