Cryogenic engineering

The safety and value that comes with true cryogenic engineering expertise

Cryogenic product development

At Cryospain, we design systems for the storage, transfer, supply and conditioning of all types of industrial gases and cryogenic liquids, as well as plants and stations for regasification and supply, bottling, loading and unloading of liquids such as LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, LHe, LH2, among others. Everything we do is tailored to you and to the needs of each of your unique projects.

Our teams of technicians and engineers master the most advanced technologies and software tools on the market. And Cryospain’s investment in continuous training keeps our teams at the pinnacle of the cryogenic sector.

We adapt our engineering works to the climatic conditions, logistics and local regulations we face wherever the job might be and diligently adhere to internationally recognised standards.

cononversion of trains to LNG

Cryogenic pipeline projects

Cryospain boasts a wealth of expertise in cryogenic piping systems. Our technical teams put their extensive knowledge in the installation of cryogenic plants at the service of your business goals. Our detailed preliminary studies include the creation of 3D models, through the use of CAD programs.

From these models, our technical calculators can generate advanced analyses such as piping stress tests or thermal or mechanical calculations, applying the FEA/FEM method.

Once we’re satisfied that our designs are robust enough to meet our demanding quality and safety standards, we generate all the necessary documentation for the execution of the project: piping isometric drawings, support books, material lists, model extracts and every other specific documentation the rapid completion of your project might depend on.

Cryogenic plant design

We’re here to handle every element in the engineering of your cryogenic plant. . Let us take care of thermal calculations, selection of suitable insulation technologies, process calculations and Process Flow Diagram (PFD) generation, mechanical calculations of static equipment and implementation drawings, among a range of other functions.

Our experts draw on their considerable experience and knowledge to supply the engineering detail your project needs to succeed. Our documentation experts can produce civil works drawings with loads, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), Single Line Diagrams, Equipment Data Sheets and procedures such as Project Planning to name just a few.

Consulting for cryogenic tanks

Choose Cryospain for any production phase for cryogenic tanks to store LIN, LOX and LNG or refrigerated tanks for NH3, LPG and liquid ethylene and ethane.

Our technical staff has deep knowledge of API 620, API 625 and UNE-EN 14620 codes. They will help you both in the design phase, finding the most efficient technical solutions adapted to your geographical area, as well as in the procurement or construction phase of the equipment. Our team will support you in the supervision of assembly, quality control, commissioning and start-up of your project.

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