Experience and innovation

Values of a company devoted to meeting the needs of its clients

We work to provide our clients with cryogenic engineering solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of their projects and which allow them to face new and greater challenges.

Our specialized, highly qualified technicians guarantee the viability of the installation and infrastructure projects all over the world, currently in more than twenty countries in four different continents.

The use of innovative technology and cutting edge tools and materials, the ongoing training of our technicians and operators, our personalized service, and our commitment to environmental sustainability all testify to the fact that we are a reliable technological partner.



The company was created for the purpose of designing and supplying cryogenic equipment, in addition to related maintenance services.

5 person team.


Vacuum workshop

Cryospain expands its workshop to be able to provide vacuum creation for tanks, dewars, and other vacuum-insulated equipment.

8 person team.


First FBT exportation

Cryospain sells its first cryogenic tank outside of the Iberian peninsula.

13 person team.


Filling center

Cryospain designs, builds, and installs its first cylinder filling center for multiple gases.

13 person team.


Development of cryoline

This year, Cryospain introduced its various cryogenic pipeline solutions on to the market and began to market them.

15 person team.


Business in the US

The company began its operations in the US with the sale of its first cryogenic tank.

25 person team.


NGV Station

Cryospain designs, builds, and installs its first turnkey NGV station in Huelva, Spain.

30 person team.


Reference in the cryogenics sector

With a turnover in 2019 of upwards of 14 million euros and more than 70% of its activity for exportation, Cryospain is a reference in the cryogenics market.
60 person team.

Our company over the years

Our commitment to quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety policies has guided us towards sustainable growth and constant improvement since the foundation of our company in 2002.

Our directors

Ignacio Collantes

Ignacio Collantes


Juan Sancho

Juan Sancho

Corporate Manager

Pierre Meurgey

Pierre Meurgey

Sales&Mkt Manager

Pilar Venero

Pilar Venero

Finance Manager

Raúl Flores

Raúl Flores

Production Manager

Jaime Gutiérrez

Jaime Gutiérrez

Technical Manager

Committed to the highest quality standards

Excellence as a goal

At Cryospain we have adopted the most demanding quality standards of the engineering industry, which has made us worthy of the main quality and safety certifications:

  • Certifications ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018.
  • Category EIP-2 pressure equipment installation company. 13-B-D62-Category II.
  • Category ERP-2 pressure equipment repair company. 13-B-E62- Category II.
  • Registered in the Industrial Register of the Community of Madrid under nos. 28/123.220 and 28/127.681 for the installation of pressure devices and repair of tanks for hazardous products.
  • Registered in the Suppliers Register for the South of Europe and Latin American under REPRO no. 318230.
  • Registered in the Pressure Device Manufacturer Register under no. FAP-160, dated December 20, 2006.

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