Cryogenic vacuum insulated tanks

Experts in engineering and manufacturing of cryogenic storages

Pressurised cryogenic storage tanks

Cryospain, in collaboration with IDESA, designs and markets vacuum-insulated cryogenic pressure vessels. This type of tank consists of an inner tank, which stores the liquefied gas at very low temperature, an outer tank which holds the insulating materials and an insulation system mainly composed of vacuum and perlite or vacuum and multilayer.

We offer our clients top-of-the-line single or double containment systems. Our tanks come in horizontal design and the equipment is delivered in one piece from our workshops located in Asturias, Spain.

Our scope can include various accessories such as shut-off valves, safety devices, PPR and instruments.

cryogenic vacuum insulated tanks
Vacuum insulated storage tank

Download the Vacuum insulated storage tanks Technical datasheet

In this file you will find all the specifications about our vacuum insulated storage tanks: Datasheet | Main features | Applications… And much more!

Large horizontal tanks

The consortium has the capability to design and supply pressurized storage tanks for cryogenic liquefied gases such as LNG, LH2, LIN, LAR, LOX, or LHe from volumes of 300 m3 and up to 1500 tons.

We offer custom design according to your exact criteria, tailoring everything from dimensions, to materials and insulation system.

Large horizontal tanks
cryogenic tanks workshop

Large production capacity

Thanks to our over 30,000 m² of manufacturing workshop space with a height under hook of more than 15 meters, we can offer tanks with 1000 m3 of capacity and larger in one piece. The workshop has direct access to the sea, which allows these mega constructions to be shipped to any other port in the world.

The consortium also boasts its own freight solutions and field installation service.

storage tanks for cryogenic liquefied gases

The ideal solution for your cryogenic plant

These tanks integrate perfectly in cryogenic plants such as Air Separation Plants, LNG/Liquid Hydrogen Bunkering Plants, LNG liquefiers, LH2, LIN or LHe, as well as in LNG/ LH2 transport vessels among a range of other applications.

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