Chandler  ⁄ Arizona (USA)

Flat bottom cryogenic tanks

This was a project that saw us establish another important milestone in our expansion in the US market. This Flat-Bottom Cryogenic tank in Chandler, Arizona is for storing Liquid Nitrogen to serve microchip factories.

This booming industry brings with it numerous complications. Firstly, requirements in terms of cleanliness are parhaps the most drastic we have to meet. The Nitrogen is some of the purest in the world at over 99.99999% purity. Apart from the rigorous standards, these tend to be small plants, which is very challenging for industrial equipment construction.

The weather conditions in Arizona were both a help and a hindrance:

  • Safety is a priority for Cryospain and the blistering temperatures meant that keeping our people hydrated was a constant concern.
  • On the other hand the total absence of rain meant that work could be carried out uninterruptedly; this turned out to be Cryospain’s most quickly-completed project, the whole undertaking finished in under a year.

Cryospain is proud to be an increasingly-recognised name in the US cryogenic sector. We will continue to grow in this important market, whatever the conditions.

Arizona USA Flat Bottom cryogenic tank

Year: 2019

Design code: API 620

Location: Chandler (Arizona) USA

Capacity: 3150 m³ LIN

Concept: Contención simple

Design pressure: 345 mbarg

Operating temperature: -196ºC

Material inner tank: A240 TP 304

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