Santa Cruz de la Sierra,

Flat bottom cryogenic tank

This project in Santa Cruz, Bolivia was both extremely challenging on many levels and hugely gratifying in terms of the benefits it has brought to the area.

This Flat-Bottom Cryogenic Tank is for the storage of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). This type of installation is known as a “virtual pipeline”. It consists of liquefying natural gas for liquid distribution in areas where it is difficult to install a pipeline network.

The main issue that made our task more daunting was the area itself: deep in the jungle, high in the mountains, far from any urban centres and difficult to access. It was also challenging to find qualified workers in the area. Added to that was the task of building a base camp in the jungle, where heat and rain were constant obstacles.

Transport was also a huge logistical challenge. Parts could not be sent gradually so over 25 containers from all over Spain had to be put on one ship. Not only that, Bolivia has no port, meaning two customs processes, one in Bolivia, but prior to that another upon entry into neighbouring Chile. Getting the trucks to the site wasn’t easy either, given the nature of the terrain.

The project was a success, however, both for our clients and for the environment. LNG is one of the greenest fuels that currently exist. This project has allowed access to natural gas to many citizens who have opted to make the switch from heavy hydrocarbons (fuel oil, diesel) to natural gas.

A challenging project, then, but one in which we were proud to benefit both our satisfied customer as well as the local environment.

Santa Cruz Bolivia Flat-Bottom Cryogenic Tank

Year: 2019

Design code: API 620

Location: Santa Cruz (Bolivia)

Capacity: 3000 m³ LNG

Concept: Contención simple

Design pressure: 100 mbarg

Operating temperature: -164ºC

Material inner tank: A240 TP 304

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