In this post, we want to show you why we’ve become experts in 3D cryogenic design tools and their importance for our clients

At Cryospain we handle engineering, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of fully-tailored flat-bottom cryogenic tanks. Our international reputation in this type of storage tanks for liquefied gases at low pressure for industrial applications precedes us, both at home and internationally.

The vast range of products we put at our clients’ disposal…

Our technical office designs and supplies turnkey cryogenic tanks perfectly adapted to each of our clients’ unique projects in the following industries:

  • Liquefied air gases (LIN, LOX, LAR), with capacity from 500 m³ to 15,000 m³.
  • LNG, LPG and liquid ethylene, with capacity from 1,000 m³ to 30,000 m³.

…make it vital clients can see them in the real context of their projects

Cryospain’s belief in technology goes beyond our cutting-edge machinery; it also includes mastering the latest softwares, such as 3D cryogenic design tools. Our technological department draws on computer-assisted design programs to make plans in 2D but also bring our clients’ projects to life in full 3D renders.

The use of 3D cryogenic design tools allows the details of the storage tank design to be viewed prior to fabrication.

Taking the design beyond 2D means being able to show the final tank before production and installation begins. It allows us to visualise where all the cryogenic piping needs to be and also that there is no interference with other equipment in the plant.

Want to see for yourself what our 3D renders look like? The video in this article shows the different elements that make up a flat-bottom cryogenic tank:

  1. Control panel: Located on the side of the tank, it houses the different valves and instrumentation systems.
  2. Piping: Cryogenic pipes that transport cryogenic liquid or gas.
  3. PSV (Tank safety elements and valves): Located in the upper part of the tank. They control and safely regulate the tank pressure.
  4. Cryogenic liquid collection basket: Collects excess cryogenic liquid in an environmentally safe manner.
  5. Tank filling piping: transports the gas into the tank.
  6. External ladder: This spiral-shaped ladder around the tank allows access to the top of the tank.
  7. Evaporator: safely transforms the cryogenic liquid to gas.
  8. Tank actuation valve: see it in use.

Bringing cryogenic flat-bottom tanks from design to reality since 2002

At Cryospain we are specialists in the design and production of cryogenic tanks, with years of experience in the sector. All the cryogenic storage equipment we produce meets the most internationally recognized and demanding quality and safety standards.
You can consult all the cryogenic flat-bottom tanks we have installed around the world here.

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