Secunda ⁄ South Africa

Flat bottom cryogenic tanks

This Flat-Bottom Cryogenic tank was installed in Secunda, South Africa about 150km East of Johannesburg. Although built in an area with a more hospitable climate than some of our projects, each installation presents its own challenges and complications.

In this case, transport took a long time. As always, we shipped the tank in kit form in containers, but the distances by both sea and land meant things took longer than usual. It was also challenging to find qualified personnel in the area (Cryospain’s experts oversee all of our projects, no matter where they are, but always working with local teams).

We built this tank to service the SASOL plant, a factory whose purpose is to convert coal to liquid. Our tank provides liquid oxygen, a totally green gas, for the liquification of coal to produce synthetic hydrocarbon.

Some interesting facts about this plant:

  • The area lies at 1,620m above sea level.
  • It is the largest oxygen production plant in the world, with capacity to produce 5,000 tons a day (equivalent to 5,800 tons per day at sea level)

Cryospain is proud of another truly international challenge that our experts, as always, ensured was a success.

South Africa Cryogenic Tank

Year: 2015

Design code: API 620

Location: Secunda (South Africa)

Capacity: 4500 m³ LOX

Concept: Contención simple

Design pressure: 345 mbarg

Operating temperature: -196ºC

Material inner tank A240 TP 304

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