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Flat bottom cryogenic tank

This Asian project saw us constructing a Flat-Bottom Cryogenic tank in Taichung (Taiwan) for microchips factories. As with all the tanks we build for this industry, the nitrogen is extremely pure (more than 99.99999%) and any work must meet the very strictest of cleanliness standards. The dimensions of these relatively diminutive plants also make the construction of industrial equipment tricky.

Taiwan is a highly seismic area and one which is punished by extremely violent winds during typhoon season, which meant our designers and engineers had to ensure the tank’s design would stand up to any extreme conditions it might have to bear.

The chief difficulties faced by Cryospain’s supervisors and their local teams were the lack of space, heavy rain and violent winds.

In order to simplify logistics, most of the components and parts were built on the island itself, working with a local partner. This not only helped reduce transport costs, it also meant avoiding problems with customs.

When faced with a challenging project, Cryospain sees solutions, not problems. This tank is a perfect example of how we always find a way to satisfy our customers, wherever they are and whatever their unique situation might be.

Taiwan flat-bottom tank

Year: 2015

Design code: API 620

Location: Taichung (Taiwan)

Capacity: 2500 m³ LIN

Concept: Contención simple

Design pressure: 100 mbarg

Operating temperature: -196ºC

Material inner tank: A240 TP 304

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