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Flat bottom cryogenic tanks

Although it took place in our native Spain, thereby eliminating many of the logistical complications that come with our international projects, the installation of this Flat-Bottom Cryogenic tank in Tarragona for the storage of liquid nitrogen presented its own challenges.

The tank had to be built in a plant that was already fully operational. This meant that the construction had to be carried out alongside the constant activity associated with an active plant.

There were numerous challenges that came with a build within a busy work-zone. Constant cooperation with staff and management was necessary and even then work had to be periodically halted, there was regular traffic with trucks coming in and out of the plant, etc.

A particularity of this tank is that it was designed for double containment, meaning that the external tank is capable of retaining the liquid in the case of rupture of the inner tank. The tank now serves the entire industrial zone in Tarragona, the largest chemical and petrochemical complex in Spain.

Despite the added complexity of the project, our experts are proud of another job well done and bringing a further boost to Spanish industry.

Tarragona Flat-bottom cryogenic tank

Year: 2012

Design code: API 620

Location: Tarragona (Spain)

Capacity: 2500 m³ LIN

Concept: Contención total

Design pressure: 200 mbarg

Operating temperature: -196ºC

Material inner tank: A240 TP 304

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