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Flat bottom cryogenic tank

For this project from 2013, in Antwerp, Belgium, about 50 km North of Brussels, we installed not one, but two Flat-Bottom Cryogenic Tanks. This makes it, in terms of sheer size, Cryospain’s biggest project. These tanks have been put to work distributing Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Nitrogen to the area serving Antwerp Port, the biggest industrial port in Europe and one of the biggest on the planet.

Transport of the parts and components was the simplest part of the project. As members of the European Union, Spain and Belgium have open borders and excellent infrastructure meaning the tanks could be transported relatively easily in kit form by truck.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. This part of the world sees significant rainfall and often inclement weather conditions. For the construction of the two tanks, high winds proved the most problematic. Work had to be halted on numerous occasions due to dangerous weather.

Despite the difficulties, however, the project was a huge a success. The size of the project and its context in a port on a truly global scale make this one of Cryospain’s most prestigious international projects..

Tanque criogénico de fondo plano

Year: 2013

Design code: API 620

Location: Antwerp (Belgium)

Capacity: 3000 m³ LOX & 2000 m³ LIN

Concept: Contención simple

Design pressure: 345 mbarg

Operating temperature: -183ºC & -196ºC

Material inner tank: A240 TP 304

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