Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Flat bottom cryogenic tanks

This tank, installed in the Mussafah industrial zone in Abu Dhabi was a challenge to build.

The area is a desert with extreme high temperatures as well as radiation. Cryospain’s teams didn’t have the option of working in the blistering heat of the day so they worked at night or at dawn/ dusk. This, coupled with occasional sandstorms meant this was far from a simple installation. Thanks to the expertise of our technicians and engineers, the build was a complete success.

The Flat-Bottom Cryogenic tank was built to store multi-use liquid nitrogen to serve the many companies in the area. Liquified gases coming from this type of plant tend to be extremely pure, somewhere in the region of 99.999%. Oxygen and Nitrogen are truly green gases as well, both occurring naturally in the composition of the air we breathe.

This tank is another example of Cryospain’s increasing influence in industry overseas. We bring our expertise and experience wherever we go, regardless of how different and sometimes difficult the conditions are in our client’s country.

Abu Dhabi Flat bottom tank

Year: 2012

Design code: API 620

Location: Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Capacity: 1000 m³ LIN

Concept: Contención simple

Design pressure: 138 mbarg

Operating temperature: -196ºC

Material inner tank: A240 TP 304

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