More exciting challenges for Cryospain in Czechia, this time building more than 750 meters of vacuum-insulated pipeline for an air separation unit

At Cryospain, we are extremely proud of our international growth. We’re excited to announce another large-scale overseas project to further consolidate our company in the European Cryogenics sector. On this occasion, we’ll be providing a truly turnkey solution, including the engineering, design, fabrication and installation of several vacuum insulated pipes (VIP). The cryolines will connect cryogenic storage tanks to the cold boxes in an air separation unit.

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A project on an impressive scale

Our experts will produce a total of more than 750 metres of pipe for LIN, LOX and LAR to meet our customer’s exact needs. It goes without saying that they will also meticulously comply with international and local regulations. Cryospain’s engineers will create pipes in a range of sizes, anything from DN 25 to DN 65.

The air separation unit is located in the Czech Republic, where we are also currently assembling two large (2,000 m³ and 2,500 m³) flat-bottom cryogenic tanks. It’s a point of pride for the whole team that this client has chosen to place their trust in Cryospain once again for this major vacuum insulated piping project.

Our experts are with you from design through to launch day

Our engineering department will carry out the study and stress calculation with finite elements. They’ll manage the 3D design with computer-aided programmes and the corresponding 3D modelling to verify the sections, dimensions and design.

Cryospain’s workshop operators will be in charge of the production of the cryogenic lines. Our team will follow the guidelines set by the engineering department, guaranteeing quality and safety throughout the manufacturing process.

Our experts will manufacture the vacuum insulated pipe in our facilities and then carry out the quality checks. Firstly, they’ll run specific tests according to the corresponding regulations depending on the type of gas to be transported. Next, they’ll meticulously package the piping for safe transport to its final destination at the Czech air separation unit.

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Working closely with a repeat Czech client – building and maintaining relationships

Once on site at the client’s cryogenic air separation unit, we can then begin the assembly of the supplied sections. Our engineers will carry out continuous monitoring to solve any unforeseen event or change in the cryoline installation process. Engaging customers in every step of the process is a vital part of how we do our job.

Our clients trust in our expertise in the design and manufacture of cryogenic vacuum insulated piping. They know we not only tailor designs to our customers’ specifications, we provide the best solutions too. This might mean reducing costs while maintaining the highest quality standards in our processes. Or offering truly turnkey solutions from the moment the project enters our technical office until launch day.

Do you want your cryogenic projects in the hands of experts with a proven track record?

If you need expert advice for a new vacuum insulated piping (VIP) system or the renovation of your existing ones in any installation or plant, you can reach our team at You can also contact us here with any questions you might have about an air separation unit, a flat bottom cryogenic tank or any of our maintenance services. We can’t wait to hear about your cryogenic projects!

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