We have some of the most experienced designers and engineers in the world. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t still hungry to perfect their skills. Our engineers regularly brush up on AutoPIPE.

Here at Cryospain, our commitment to the idea that training never stops is fundamental to us. Our people from the technical office regularly go “back to school”, carrying out an advanced course in a vital element in Cryospain’s service. In order to provide our industry-leading service in the design and development of pressure piping systems, we rely on an industry-leading tool. We are, of course, talking about AutoPIPE, a piece of software that companies the world over trust thanks to its reliability and wide range of applications.

Why does Cryospain choose AutoPIPE?

AutoPIPE software is a powerful next-gen tool. First and foremost, it lets us provide our clients with significant safety improvements in the design of piping systems. It does this by creating virtual models based on our clients’ designs. It can then get the most reliable results in both static and dynamic stress tests.

Secondly, it boasts tools with which we can run linear and non-linear analyses including temperature, pressure, wind, wave, buoyancy, snow, seismic and transient loads. In short, it does everything Cryospain needs to guarantee the quality our clients expect.

One of AutoPIPE’s most interesting features is in helping design Class-1, 2 and 3 nuclear piping systems. It also brings with it the most advanced analysis tools such as nonlinear hydrostatic analysis, thermal curvature or stratification analysis and seismic response spectra analysis of enclosures for energy, oil and gas processes.

Not only that; it allows us to apply these studies to any number of environments such as underground, offshore and underwater.

Our technicians – the certifications and skills to do the job right

AutoPIPE software is certified to meet the strictest design regulations. This includes 10CFR Part 50, 10CFR 21 and ASME NQA-1-2008 / 2009a.

We drill our technical teams to offer our clients only the best solutions, championing quality and reliability while leveraging the most cutting-edge technology available. At Cryospain, we believe it is not enough, however, to offer the best tools. We therefore make it our mission to consistently invest in training our human capital.

In doing so, we make sure we keep our people at the top of their game!

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