Cellular glass makes the perfect base for insulating our Flat-bottom Cryogenic Tanks

At Cryospain, we use Cellular Glass as insulation in our clients’ cryogenic equipment and installations. It is really effective in the flat-bottom cryogenic tanks we design, manufacture and assemble around the world.

It’s not just a lightweight, rigid and durable insulating material. It also has the advantage of being highly resistant to pressure and heavy loads.

So, what exactly is Cellular glass?

This cutting-edge material is composed of millions of glass cells that are completely airtight. This unique composition makes it the perfect material for insulation.

Cellular glass’ properties make it a fascinating modern material. It is non-combustible to Euro class A1 standard, incredibly resistant to compression, waterproof and offers quality thermal insulation.

Depending on the loads applicable to each tank, we can select from various grades of this material. This means compressive strengths from 0.8 to 2.4 N/mm2 (average value, tested according to ASTM C-240/C-165).

What do we use Cellular glass for here at Cryospain?

It’s simple: we give our clients only the best materials. We know that using sub-standard materials will cost customers in the long run.

We therefore always ensure everything we build is as efficient and productive as humanly possible. High-quality cellular glass means less thermal losses and, in the long run, improvements to our clients’ business.

In addition, flat-bottom cryogenic tanks are massive structures. They therefore need to be waterproof to prevent the entry of moisture or water vapor.

By opting for Cellular glass in our cryogenic storage systems, we can be sure we’re building quality installations – that last.

The perfect foundation for our customers’ business

Another property this material boasts is its impressive dimensional stability, in spite of the staggering loads it bears. This makes it the perfect insulating material for our vast cryogenic flat-bottomed tanks.

Cellular glass is always a safe bet, guaranteeing both low maintenance costs as well as healthier profit for our satisfied customers!

Getting to work: the installation process

It is crucial that we protect the cellular glass from moisture during the installation phase. As you can see in the video attached to this article, our assembly technicians use the tank dome to protect the cellular glass during installation.

Once we’ve completed the assembly and welding of the tank bottom, we pour a small layer of concrete over it to level out the floor.

We can then Assemble the cellular glass layer by layer, like laying bricks. We stagger each layer, leaving a minimum of space between the blocks.

All of these processes take place within an advanced production and timing system, a product of years of experience building cryogenic flat-bottomed tanks.

Your cryogenic project should be in the right hands

At Cryospain, we pride ourselves on our wealth of experience designing and assembling liquified gas storage tanks. Why not get in touch with our team today at cryospain@cryospain.com or by phone at 912 95 93 67

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