Cryogenic liquids and gases are highly sensitive to minute changes in temperature and pressure, a fact which can lead to a range of safety hazards. How can you be sure your manufacturer will give you quality equipment and smooth and effective transportation? What are the things you should  look into when choosing a cryogenic equipment manufacturer.  

Cryogenic liquids are stored at cold temperatures due to their extremely low boiling point. Cryogenic gases are usually converted into liquids through compression and expansion cycles. These processesinvolve potentially dangerous changes in temperature and pressure and under a range of different conditions. Furthermore, if special care isn’t taken to prevent leaks or spills, even a tiny quantity of liquid can expand into a huge amount of gas. It goes without saying, therefore, that we need to use the appropriate equipment and safety materials. 

Things to consider before working with cryogenic equipment

Since cryogenic liquids bring with them a huge range of potential health hazards (more on this below) , they are stored in cryogenic equipment designed specifically to keep them in their liquid form. They are transported in special trailers whose purpose is to maintain the low temperatures necessary to maintain this crucial liquid state. A slight temperature change will turn them back into their gaseous state, with potentially disastrous consequences. So, cryogenic transportation requires instruments that are perfectly manufactured to keep them safely in liquid form.

There are also certain precautionary measures that you should be aware of before choosing cryogenic equipment. For example, the sensitivity of the cryogenic process requires using safety gloves, face shields, earplugs, and long-sleeved clothing. Another thing to consider is whether your equipment is the right size, as appropriate proportions are key to properly managing  temperature and pressure.

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The importance of safety when using cryogenic gas equipment

It is essential you and your team observe strict safety measures when handling cryogenic liquids, gases, and equipment. The list of their potentially deadly effects include asphyxiation, extreme cold, and toxicity. They are extremely flammable too, and can cause incidents like fire and explosions.

Since cryogenic liquids and the vapor they produce are kept at a low temperature, they can cause frost damage to human skin with even slight exposure and can harm sensitive tissues like in our eyes. Long exposure can even cause frostbite. The metal that makes up the equipment is not safe either, and touching it without protection can cause the skin to stick to the metal, meaning inevitable damage when pulling the area free.

And the list of dangers doesn’t stop there. Breathing in cold air can harm the lungs, for example. A less obvious but no less dangerous risk arises with even small leaks.  Tiny drops of liquid can transform into a huge amount of gas, and this is denser than air. It can accumulate in a room causing oxygen deficiency. Anyone in the room could die of asphyxiation as the gas pushes all of the oxygen out of the room.   And of course, a range of different gases can negatively affect health. A leak of liquid carbon monoxide can release more than enough deadly carbon monoxide gas to poison anyone in the direct vicinity.

As we mentioned before, many gases are flammable and can react with air and either burn or explode, hydrogen being one example. Liquefied oxygen is dangerous and can cause non-combustible metals to burn, as it contains 4 times more oxygen than is present in the air around us. It is also of vital importance adequate pressure-relief instruments are installed to control increases in pressure, otherwise uncontrolled rises can lead to explosions known as “BLEVE” (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion). So, there should always be a backup device in the container. For example?: bursting discs regulate changes in pressure in cases where the main instrument malfunctions.

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Characteristics a cryogenic equipment manufacturer must have

So, we’ve established that handling cryogenic processes and transportation requires the utmost care and most rigorous safety measurement.This all means our cryogenic equipment needs to be of the highest quality. When it comes to  choosing a cryogenic equipment manufacturer, then, we need to be sure they have the following in order:

  • Quality Certificates

Certificates aren’t just about o satisfying customers. They also show that a manufacturer meets national and international standards. Such certifications include ISO 9001 (international standard certification for efficient management systems), ISO 14001 (international standard certification for environmental management), ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety management systems), RINA (classification certification for quality and logistics management), Lloyd (maritime certification for ships and quality assurance) and DNV GL ( international certification for compliance of different companies).

  • Technology

Whichever manufacturer you choose for your project needs to boast the very latest cryogenic technology. Look for cryogenic pumps (to keep inert gas liquefied), compressors (to compress gas), special freezers (to maintain low temperatures), and cryogenic turboexpanders (for the safe expansion of gas).

  • Security

Your choice of manufacturer must provide personal safety kits such as safety gloves, face shields, protection suits, and goggles. They must demonstrate how they ensure the protection of cryogenic liquids and regulate their temperatures according to requirements in order to avoid any incidents.

  • Experience

If possible, make sure your manufacturer has years of experience in local and international markets so you know they’ll be able to handle cryogenic transportation properly. Demand in-depth knowledge, experience, and an proven track record to back up their claims. And of course, they must also deliver the best results, provide assurances on quality, satisfy your needs as a customer and offer innovative solutions.

  • Storage and transportation capacity

Since transporting cryogenic materials is an important and potentially hazardous task, storage tanks or containers  simply must come from a reputed provider. A certified manufacturer will provide high-quality and environment-friendly tanks which will ensure efficiency. They must have huge storage capacity, be made from stainless steel to prevent rust, be designed to prevent leakages and maintain extremely low temperatures.

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