As part of our mission to offer you only the latest technological solutions, Cryospain is proud to present our new line of cold boxes for the protection of pumps, turbines, cryogenic valves and all types of instrumentation.

At Cryospain, we are specialists in adapting to evolving needs in cryogenic installations. Cold boxes are more and more essential for the protection of your instrumentation, pumps and turbines.

Cryospain: experts in large-scale cryogenic equipment.

We can design and manufacture cold boxes up to 16 meters and 20 tons. Cold boxes are used to house and protect vulnerable connections such as valves, instrumentation, cryogenic pumps or turbines, specific piping and insulation material. Proper insulation avoids possible thermal transfers in fluids at very low temperatures (-196ºC).

We manufacture cold boxes using a double wall system with a space between the inner and outer walls. Our experts fill them with thermal insulation materials, such as expanded perlite, rock wool or cellular glass. We then seal everything and use nitrogen to perform pressure and purge processes.

When choosing insulation materials, we look at factors such as required operating temperatures and other user requirements, as well as the AGI Q118 insulation standard. In other words, we make the decision based on the specific cryogenic engineering needs of each project.

You’ll find these custom-designed cold boxes in cryogenic air separation plants, large cryogenic tanks and general cryogenic applications.

To cope with external agents such as water, snow, dust and contaminants, they boast an outer carbon steel structure with special anti-corrosion protection. For your installation, this translates to up to 25 years of durability.

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Large-scale in-house production capacity to bring you the highest quality.

We are proud to be able to simplify things for our clients with our very own production capacity. We have two centers where we can manufacture the components that make up the tailored cold boxes. Not only do we achieve shorter manufacturing lead times, we can also guarantee our strict quality standards.

At Cryospain, we have a technical team with more than 20 years of experience in cryogenic installations. Cold boxes are just one part of the wide range of cutting-edge solutions that our experts can provide. We provide industry-leading cryogenic engineering across the board, from storage tanks to plants, stations as well as vacuum insulated piping solutions. In addition, we have built a reputation for creating 100% customized equipment for each project.

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Turnkey solutions with satisfaction guaranteed

One of the main pillars of Cryospain is the quality of our service. We offer truly turnkey solutions, from design through to manufacture, as well as assembly in your installation.

We have a commitment to the latest technology and a team with constant training in our sector’s latest technologies and techniques. This is what has positioned us as one of the world’s leading cryogenic engineering companies, with projects across the globe and with production capacity that we have doubled in the last two years.

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