Cryospain is proud to announce another successful project. We carried out the cooling down of a 4,500m3 liquid gas cryogenic tank located in Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar.

Our engineers designed this flat bottom tank, manufactured it in our own facilities and assembled it on site under the supervision of one of our specialists. As always, compliance is key, so we met all the requirements of API 620 12th edition Addendum 1 (October 2013). We also handled one of the most important elements of any new installation: the cooling down of the tank.

More information American Petroleum Institute (API 620)

Cooling down: getting your tank ready for the best possible performance

Cryogenic cooling down is an operation that consists of bringing the different parts of the inner stainless steel tank to cryogenic temperature to ready the tank for the first liquid load. A liquefied gas is progressively poured into the tank, cooling it down until liquefied gas is obtained at the bottom. The time this process takes will depend on the size of the tank.

This operation required 9 liquid nitrogen ISO-TANKS of 15 Tn each. It took 5 days to achieve complete cooling of the 4,500m3 tank.

A Cryospain engineer was on site to supervise the operation with the plant’s logistics team as well as an operations team located in the control room. As usual, our experts skilfully handled the very delicate operation, meeting all their deadlines too.

Before, during …and after: Cryospain’s after-sales services

The cooling down of this tank in Qatar is another example of Cryospain’s technical capacity to offer our clients the highest quality after-sales service.
We offer refurbishment or repairs, advice and elaboration of procedures for all types of tanks, cisterns and cryogenic tanks. We meet the customer’s needs while also complying with the strictest international and national regulations.

If you need to cool your cryogenic tank or are looking for a cryogenic solution for your business strategy, why not contact Cryospain today? Or write to us at and see for yourself why we’re leaders in cryogenic engineering.

Our international experience is our guarantee.

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