Cryospain’s network of satisfied American customers continues to grow. This time with a turnkey cryogenic flat-bottom tank project in Arizona.

Cryospain is honoured to have our bid chosen for another exciting turnkey flat-bottom tank project. This time we’ll be bringing a storage tank for ultra-pure liquid nitrogen from design through to launch. The facility, with a 5,000 m3 storage capacity, will be built in Phoenix, Arizona to power the electronics industry there.

Cryospain in the USA: building trust

This project is another demonstration of the trust our American clients put in our designers and technicians as our reputation grows. We took our first steps in the US all the way back in 2017 and since then our presence in this vital marketplace has continued to expand. This project began in December with the first engineering plans and will launch in December of 2022.

How do we ensure we grow in influence and in the trust of our customers in this competitive market? Firstly, by making our commitment to quality and our proven track record what sets us apart. Secondly, by having the highest level of expertise in the creation of cryogenic flat-bottom tanks. And finally, by being flexible; we have the qualifications and certifications to be able to adapt to international quality and safety standards.

What does “turnkey” mean to us?

At Cryospain, we know the true meaning of “turnkey project”. It means taking care of everything, while adhering strictly to each client’s unique set of requirements. So, our engineers bring our clients cryogenic flat-bottom tanks from plans through to build and all the way to launch. All of this made possible thanks to our in-house engineering, design and production departments.

Staying true to the above values has allowed Cryospain to position ourselves as an example within the cryogenic sector. And this is especially true in the design and manufacture of medium to large-scale cyrogenic flat-bottom storage tanks.

But none of it would matter without our focus on experience, quality and high technology.

To do the job right, our engineers and designers use the right tools. Computer design tools in both 2D and 3D are key for the highest level of technical development, allowing for true-to-life simulations of the tank. Furthermore, our teams carry out finite element studies to ensure optimal structure conditions for the entire installation.

Growing our reputation to expand our presence

At Cryospain, we believe it’s true that a company’s reputation precedes it, for better or for worse. If we are a growing presence on the international scene, it’s thanks to our commitment to our clients and their satisfaction with what we do. We are in contact with them at all times, which allows us to offer them the best technical solutions at the best price, without ever sacrificing the quality or the cutting-edge technology we bring to bear with every job we do.

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