Here at Cryospain, we are constantly striving to provide our customers better technology and services. In this post, we’d like to talk about how we tackle cryogenic pump motor checks.

Market-leading Cryogenic pump maintenance requires top-of-the-line equipment and facilities. It’s for this reason that Cryospain proudly boasts its own cutting-edge maintenance and repair workshop. Our modern facilities allow for full insulation checks for electric cryogenic pump motors. This is made possible by a state-of-the-art multifunction electrical test and measurement equipment according to Spanish electrical regulations. And these checks can be carried out on-site for both centrifugal and piston pumps.

The cryogenic pumps’ “megger test” allow us to test stator windings’ electrical insulation. Our technicians can then run tests between the different phases and the earth.

What kind of problems do our experts encounter?

Insulation issues are a common problem in cryogenic pumps with electric motors. They can be the result of a variety of factors such as:

  • Rust (this is especially true for plants near the sea, where salty air accelerates corrosion)
  • Poor or infrequent maintenance (At Cryospain, we recommend frequent, quality maintenance for this type of plant)
  • Unwanted contact between phases (insulation failure in cables or sockets)

So, what happens if you don’t properly service your pump motors?

If you want your cryogenic pumps to work properly, it is vital that all your motors be in proper working order. Poor insulation can mean having to carry out maintenance more frequently. It can even reduce service life and mean having to replace pumps altogether. This can then lead to excessive repair costs, poor performance or even shutting down your plant. All the above caused by malfunctions that proper maintenance could have avoided.

Quality that lasts

At Cryospain, we’re passionate about the quality of our services. So, we’re proud to bring in-depth maintenance services to all of our clients. They get equipment that lasts, while avoiding the nasty consequences that cyrogenic pump malfunction can lead to. Win-win!

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