Here at Cryospain, our international projects keep on coming! We currently have several cryogenic tank projects in the process of manufacture and installation.

Today it is our pleasure to present two of our latest cryogenic storage tank projects, which are currently in the assembly process. The flat-bottom tank sites are located in Verona (Italy) and Vratimov (Czechia). We also hope you’ll enjoy the video showing the spectacular roof lifts.

Assembly process.

We use a very similar assembly and welding process for each cryogenic storage tank.

Firstly, we assemble the outer tank made of carbon steel at ground level very close to where we’ll lift the final tank.
The assembly process happens in reverse order. In other words, we start by assembling the entire roof dome and then insert and weld ferrules. We work from the end of the roof to the last ferrules, leaving two or three rows unassembled to then install them directly on the concrete base that will support the entire tank.

We can then assemble the stainless steel inner tank on top of the concrete base and the insulating material at the bottom. The sequence for inner tank is the same as for the outer tank, using a jacking system and in reverse sequence as well.

Once we’ve assembled and welded the ferrules, we can lift the outer tank. You can check out this spectacular moment in the cryogenic storage tank build in the video accompanying this article.

For the lift, we rely on expert crane operators. They not only need to be specialists in moving huge elements, they must also have pinpoint accuracy when putting them in place.

The finishing touches.

So, at this point our operators have correctly placed all the elements of each cryogenic storage tank. Next, our experts carry out the necessary checks and begin the process of joining the ferrules already placed on the concrete slabs. After this, they can install the interconnecting pipes. Finally, they start tests and verification of every element of the flat-bottom tank.

Some specs.

The cryogenic storage tank located in the Czech Republic has a capacity of 2500 m3 and is approximately 20 metres high. The Italian flat-bottom tank is smaller, with a capacity of 1500 m3 and a height of approx. 16 metres.

Innovation. Creativity. Skill. Quality.

At Cryospain, innovation and quality have always been two of the pillars of our reputation. We are constantly looking for new solutions to offer our customers, without sacrificing on either quality or price. We also make every effort to ensure we deliver projects ahead of schedule and exceeding expectations.

The team of specialists your project needs.

At Cryospain we have a team of more than 15 engineers specialised in cryogenic tank design and manufacture. We take you from tailored design to launch, meeting the most demanding regulations, too.

If you need a new cryogenic storage tank for LOX, LIN, LAR, LNG, LNG, LPG, liquid ethylene or other liquefied gases, contact us today. Write us an email to and our engineers will be happy to help you and answer all your questions.

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