Assembly resumes on our flat-bottom cryogenic tanks for LIN and LOX storage in the Czech Republic

Cryospain will continue the construction of two new cryogenic storage tanks for LIN (Liquid Nitrogen) and LOX (Liquid Oxygen). Work will resume in the city of Ostrava, Czech Republic. This new milestone adds to the total of 28 cryogenic flat-bottom tanks designed and built by Cryospain worldwide.

Our expertise applied at every step

Cryospain’s team of engineers and draughtsmen have taken the two cryogenic storage tanks from conception through design, drawing on their extensive experience in these complex installations. Our technical department is qualified in the use of different state-of-the-art engineering softwares such as AUTOCAD, INVENTOR, SOLIDWORKS, AUTOPIPE, etc. Our mastery of cutting-edge software means maximum precision in the development of detailed drawings, simulations, calculations and analysis of the project. We can therefore achieve the highest quality results while maintaining the safety criteria that we demand in every job we do.

After the design phase, Cryospain’s production department proceeded with the prefabrication of every necessary element for making the tanks a reality. Each component and element manufactured by our team of operators then underwent the strictest of quality controls. Once we finished and tested the necessary components, we were able to ship them to their final destination in the Czech city of Ostrava.

Once the kit of parts necessary for the assembly is ready, the construction phase will begin in the last week of October. The entire construction process will take place under the watchful eye of our site supervisors and project managers. Our professionals boast extensive experience in this type of cryogenic storage tanks at international level.

Engineering at its most advanced

The flat-bottom cryogenic tanks’ capacities are 2500 m3 in the case of LOX and 2000m3 in the case of LIN. Both have a design temperature of -196 ºC. The cryogenic tanks have been designed following the EN 14620 design standard, in compliance with industry regulations. These cryogenic storage tanks will support the industrial processes at our client’s modern steel mill. The expected date of completion of the mechanical assembly is July 2021, then the operation and commissioning tests can start.

Our experience: the foundations on which we build

We’ve been manufacturing and building flat-bottom cryogenic tanks both in Spain and abroad since 2021. This experience gives our clients the peace-of-mind of knowing that with Crysopain, their cryogenic gas storage projects are safe hands. Our professionalism as well as our mastery of the latest technologies make our projects benchmarks in the cryogenic engineering sector.

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