Cryospain’s latest major European project will see us design and supply cryogenic vacuum-insulated pipelines to the Netherlands

Cryospain is proud of our Europe-wide reputation as leaders in cryogenic engineering. So, we’re excited to get another international project underway in the Netherlands. This time, the task involves the design and production of cryogenic vacuum-insulated pipelines (VIP) for liquid nitrogen transport. This new Cryoline will be an integral part of a cryogenic facility located in the Dutch city of Zuidbroek.

Building on the foundations of our wealth of experience

Cryospain boasts an experienced team of experts in the design and production of cryogenic vacuum-insulated pipelines. We don’t just guarantee the highest technology and a team of engineers and professionals specialized in the cryogenic industry. We also bring our extensive experience in cryogenic piping, backed up by our countless projects around the world. Our engineers and technicians use the most advanced design and finite element software for each new challlenge. 

This new project will consist of over 200 meters of cryoline with an estimated pressure of 17 Bars. First and foremost, we’ll meet regulations at every section of the pipe. Then we’ll carry out corresponding helium leak tests to confirm the performance standards our customers expect. This is the stamp of quality that Cryospain puts on every one of our projects, our identifying principle. And of course, this project will comply with design code EN 13480.

Cryospain’s teams are already hard at work

Our design engineers and draftsmen are in phase 1 of drawings, which they can then send to the workshop team. The creation of each part, component including joints and welds will be carried out during the month of August. Then, the cryoline will be ready for transport to the Netherlands. Another successful European cryogenic vacuum-insulated pipelines project Cryospain’s teams can take pride in!

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