Our latest project will see us building a Vacuum-Insulated Piping (VIP) system for Huelva in Spain.

Cryospain is proud to have won a bid for a new Vacuum-Insulated Piping (VIP) system. We’ll be in charge of the entire process, from design through to manufacture. As always, we’ll meet both client requirements and the most demanding regulations.

Cryospain: industry-leaders in Cryoline installations

This new large-scale cryoline will transport cryogenic gases to power Huelva’s industry. We’re excited to start the project, further evidence of our growing reputation in the design and manufacture of cryogenic piping systems. A reputation we believe is thanks to our commitment to using only the most advanced technology and techniques.

Quality at every step

Cryospain carries out our VIP cryoline projects in 3 optimised phases. From when we receive a request from a client, through to delivery and installation in its final destination:

  1. Design: Our department of engineers and draftsmen draw up plans tailored to each project. These involve stress and finite element calculations for the entire cryoline network. But they also include visual 3D renders to give clients real-life context and let them preview the optimal pipeline route.
  2. Production: Firstly, the teams in our very own workshop carry out the production and welding of the entire pipe line by sections following the guidelines set by the design and engineering team. Secondly, once these processes are finished, they move on to the quality tests according to the regulations pertaining to the cryogenic gas to be transported. After verifying that the pipeline passes all the quality tests, it then is packaged for shipping.
  3. Assembly and supervision: Finally, our teams will go to Huelva to oversee the assembly process in October and November 2020. Our engineers know first-hand the difficulties that can arise and also how to adhere to the most demanding safety standards.

The entire project will consist of 130 meters of pipeline for the conduction of Liquid Nitrogen (LIN), with an approximate diameter/thickness of 33×1.5 mm and a service pressure of 25 Bars.

High standards and a commitment to client satisfaction: our simple formula for success

Our cryogenic engineering projects, both national and international, are proof of the quality we demand for our clients. When we build systems for the transport or storage of cyrogenic gas for industry, our formula for success is simple but demanding. Quality, technology and the best possible service are the foundations on which we have built our company’s reputation.

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