At Cryospain, we know the importance of a tight-knit and happy team. Our team-building day was a huge success, translating into better service for our clients.

We have a passionate belief in the importance of creating a sense among our people that they are part of a team. It is a pillar of our approach, therefore, to actively invest in a sense of belonging to the Cryospain family. This not only means happier and more motivated staff, it also means direct improvements and better service to you, our clients.

A day to come together and remind ourselves of our values

A large part of the activities were based around the people themselves, our experts and the team they make up. Before we looked at how we can provide better service to our customers, we looked inwards. Our activities aimed to galvanise team spirit across the organisation. We wanted to speak to our expert team members, inspire them and ensure that their goals were crystal clear. Our goal was to convey a consistent message that everyone on the team should feel they have the support they need. Furthermore, we looked at what motivates our people and talked about how we could promote this going forward.

Translating our inspiration into inspiring service

So, we had already established what makes us tick as a team. But this has to translate into better and better service as well as ever-improving customer satisfaction. Our workshops and frank conversations covered the strong points of our service, as well as the areas we felt we could improve. Within the context of our Agile methodology, we dealt with themes such as reliability and innovation, customer service and advice. We also looked at the quality we produce and how to keep improving our clients’ satisfaction levels.

Crysopain: a company that knows our principles are key to our success

You can find out more here about our company, our passion for “Experience and Innovation” and some of the people who keep our principles at the heart of everything we do. If you’re interested in having your cryogenic project in the hands of a passionate and motivated team of experts, why not contact us today?

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