Cryospain’s international expansion continues in Eastern Europe, with two new projects in Poland and Russia. We’ll provide several high vacuum cryogenic piping lines for these clients. 

Two new Eastern European cryogenic piping projects add to the thousands of meters we have provided our customers all over the world.  

Cryospain’s international expansion continues in earnest

The Russian project involves the complete design of vacuum-insulated piping (VIP) for an Air separation unit (ASU) in a state-of-the-art steel mill. Its design reduces environmental impact in the area, with up to three times fewer emissions than a traditional mill. Known as “green metallurgy”, this type of plant is a shining example of where the industry is headed.

These high-vacuum pipes will have different sizes and lengths, with section dimensions and diameters ranging from 1″ to 3″.

In Poland we’ll design and manufacture 240 meters of 2″ and 4″ VIP piping, for LOX and LAR. This cryogenic piping will also serve an air separation plant (ASU). It will produce the oxygen and argon required for a copper mining industry in a liquid state.

Reducing industry’s carbon footprint through technology

An interesting aspect of this project is the replacement of a straight pipeline that is currently in service with one that incorporates a bypass. Cryospain will therefore supervise the cutting of the current section at the customer’s site. We’ll then oversee its replacement with the new VIP piping that we’ve designed and manufactured. We will also make the necessary cuts and welds to ensure our client’s new needs are met to perfection.

Cryospain will carry out the complete 3D design thanks to computer aided programs as well. We’ll complete a finite element study to check the tensile strength and also carry out the manufacturing of the VIP piping in our production centers.

Cryospain: experts in the design of VIP cryogenic piping

Our strength lies in our ability to adapt to your needs. We insist on the most advantageous solutions to reduce costs while also maximizing manufacturing quality. This begins from the moment the project enters our technical office right through to launch day.

We adhere to international standards such as PED and TRCU, so we can make your projects a reality wherever you are in the world.

If your business requires new VIP piping or the renovation of the existing cryogenic piping in an installation or plant, contact us today!

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