At Cryospain, we have made changes to prioritise supporting the fight against COVID-19

Since the beginning of last week, Cryospain has decided to shift efforts in our production and repair workshop towards supporting our health professionals as they fight COVID-19. We are also honoured to indirectly support the food industry, allowing them to keep supply chains open and working at this crucial time. We’ve reorganised internally too. This has meant postponing all non-essential production. But it has also seen us letting our entire office staff work remotely from their place of safe confinement.

Our essential activity must go on

The activity we have maintained in our workshop:

– Shipment of spare parts for cryogenic pumps (for healthcare and food only)

– Repairs of cryogenic, centrifugal and reciprocating pumps (for healthcare and food only)

– Repair of DEWARS and other vacuum-insulated equipment (for healthcare and food only)

– Manufacturing and delivery of gas cylinder valves (for healthcare and food only)

– Providing technical support and opening our sub-supplier network to those companies needing urgent supply of goods for our health system

Our workshop

At Cryospain, we have a team of highly qualified professionals as well as the necessary technical means for all types of repairs, which we can carry out either at the customer’s facilities or in our own workshop.

Our workshop also has a clean room dedicated exclusively to the repair and maintenance of cryogenic pumps.

Our expertise at the service of those who need it most

Cryospain has always been proud to be the technical and technological partner of choice for people or companies of all types. Now more than ever, it is our honour to develop, install and repair cryogenic systems for the men and women providing essential services at this critical time.

For more information about our services contact us through our e-mail or by phone: 912 959 367. Our team will be happy to answer your questions.

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