Cryospain’s 6th LNG Shipping project takes place in the port of Shanghai

The demand for LNG bunkering infrastructures for shipping has never been so high. This is largely due to the major environmental benefits Natural Gas provides. Especially when compared to the emissions that traditional engines produce, LNG truly is the cleaner choice for shipping.

What was already a trend is becoming a revolution thanks to IMO 2020 regulations. This legislation seeks to clean coastal air. As a result, LNG installations are spreading fast throughout sea ports in Asia. In addition, more and more boats and ships are adopting natural gas as alternative fuel to slash emissions.

Asian governments stepping up

Asian governments are also endorsing LNG as a marine fuel, with South Korea’s government announcing plans to develop LNG bunkering facilities in the country.  In 2018, Japan’s MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) announced its support of the country’s first LNG bunker vessels. These will supply cruise passenger ships and container traffic near Yokohama port. Also Singapore, the world’s largest bunkering port, granted subsidies to build LNG bunkering infrastructures to its two licensed LNG bunker suppliers.

Crysopain’s latest project will involve the retrofitting of a large container transport ship in the port of Shanghai (China).

At Cryospain, we pride ourselves on our expertise in the design and manufacture of LNG and CNG systems. Not only in Spain, our specialists are recognised at an international level.

What will this job consist of?:

  • 50+ meters of simple cryogenic pipes and 70+ meters of double-wall cryogenic pipes
  • 100+ meters of double-wall ventilated pipes
  • Design and supply of supports between inner and outer cavities of double-wall piping
  • 2D and 3D design of the installation
  • Fatigue study with finite element analysis programs
  • Non-destructive test of all welding
  • DNV Approval of the manufacturing and testing.

Quality and security – our guarantee

In the carrying-out of this ambitious LNG shipping project, Cryospain will rigorously meet the most demanding of standards. This is because we know our clients expect excellence from our designs and our products. And of course, testing every element is also vital. In short, quality is Cryospain’s guarantee to our customers. If you are ready to join the LNG revolution, contact our experts today.

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