Cryospain’s latest project will see us overhaul a ship’s engine to run on cleaner, greener liquid hydrogen fuel cell power!

Hydrogen fuel cells have witnessed something of a boom recently. Firstly, they have positioned themselves as the perfect substitution for harmful fossil fuels (you can read about our LNG ship retrofits here). And secondly, they are far more compact than their huge and heavy predecessors. This technology is therefore being chosen by the biggest players for the manufacture of industrial machinery: trucks, ships, agricultural machinery, etc.

Liquid hydrogen: clean and versatile

Hydrogen currently has two main applications. Firstly, for obtaining electrical energy from fuel cells. Secondly, for storing overproduction of energy from electrical networks. In order to ensure sustainability, we can extract hydrogen from a range of different renewable energies. These include wind, tidal, hydro-electrical and solar among a wide range of other planet-friendly options. And these green energies then provide the electricity we need to carry out water electrolysis, which is a process that separates the hydrogen (H2) from the oxygen (O2) that make up water (H2O).

Familiar technology, new and exciting applications

For Cryospain, a company with extensive expertise in cryogenic engineering, this technology is nothing new. We have a wealth of experience in liquid hydrogen supply systems for powering fuel cell systems. This job, however, is special. We’ll be working on one of the first ships to be equipped with a fully-functional fuel cell. For this exciting project, Crysopain will supply a liquid hydrogen system, including design, production and assembly of several cryogenic pipes.

It is an honour to help realise such an avant-garde and technologically-advanced project. It is another huge moment for us as a company, in which we further consolidate our reputation on the cryogenic technology scene. And as a result, we are more committed than ever to applying all of our engineering knowledge to the development of these piping systems, not only in their design, but also their manufacture on-site and the build on their ship, currently docked in Scandinavian ports.

Quality in our work and air quality: two of Cryospain’s key commitments

At Crysopain, we have a commitment to quality. For us, this means meeting every safety protocol. But it also means carrying out every necessary test to ensure our designs and each product built in our facilities are up to standard.

One of the pillars of Cryospain’s work is our research and development of products related to cleaner fuels. So, it is our responsibility to manufacture and design more efficient products that are better for the world around us.

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