Congratulations on joining the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) revolution! Here we’ll take you through the easy process of refuelling at one of our natural gas vehicle (NGV) stations

Nowadays, we see more and more people making environmentally-friendly decisions in every aspect of their lives. This is also true of their choice of fuel. As a result, we are seeing a revolution in green fuels such as electricity or Natural Gas. This isn’t just better for our planet, it also makes sense economically. Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) are an increasingly popular sub-group. You’ll find Liquid Natural Gas being used as the power behind:

  • Land transport: Cars, buses and trucks.
  • Railway transport: Trains and trams.
  • Sea transport: Ships, vessels and ferries

Rail and sea transport have their own fuelling systems at ports and stations. But what about NGVs for personal or public use?

Learn more about refueling in rail and sea transport

NGV stations for cars, buses and trucks

Cryospain is one of the companies building NGV or Gas stations to meet the LNG refuelling needs of cars, buses and trucks. The number of these Gas stations is increasing every day thanks to demand for this type of fuel outgrowing the availability that currently exists.

You may be wondering exactly how it all works. It’s actually very simple. Let us take you through it step by step:

  1. Park the vehicle as close as possible to the NGV station’s pump. It is compulsory to turn off your engine and lights. As with any filling station, you cannot smoke, use your mobile phone or do anything which might generate sparks.
  2. Unhook the supply hose from the NGV station.
  3. Connect the hose to the supply device of the car ensuring it is correctly connected. You can then turn the hose 180º to unlock the safety valve.
  4. To start fuelling, press the START button. You can also pause or stop the fuelling process anytime by pressing the STOP button.
  5. Once you’ve finished, simply follow the same process backwards. Now turn the hose 180º and then disconnect it from the car.
  6. Now hook the supply hose to the NGV station, then apply a little pressure to make sure it’s safely hooked.

At Cryospain, we believe in more efficient and greener mobility. We know NGVs are the future and are proud of our many clients who feel the same. Our teams design and supply tailor-made NGV stations to our clients’ spec and can also take care of its maintenance. This means better and performance and installations that last too!

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