Cryospain has been tasked with the design and production of vacuum-insulated piping (VIP) for the transfer of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).

Cryospain is proud to announce winning a bid to build 2000 meters of vacuum-insulated piping of up to DN350 in diameter for an LNG Bunkering project in Sweden!

This project, including 2,000 meters of cryogenic piping, will be installed on the Swedish coast. An installation of this magnitude doesn’t just position Cryospain as a major European player. It also places us on the world stage as a leader in the design, development and production of double-walled metallic cryogenic pipes.

Cryospain: at the centre of the future of European shipping

The client’s investment in this project arises from the urgent need to provide LNG bunkering points for ports. The new environmental regulation approved by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) requires vessels to use low sulfur fuels, such as Liquefied Natural Gas. The game-changing IMO 2020 regulation was established on January 1, 2020 and effects almost the entire Western European coastline.

This decision will therefore drastically reduce the amount of sulfur oxide from the engines of ships and vessels. The health and environmental benefits for the world are obvious, especially for those people closest to the coast and seaports.

A welcome change

The demand for LNG Bunkering in ports has increased exponentially. Not only for environmental reasons; a large part of maritime transport sees using LNG to fuel its fleets as a great opportunity too. The growing demand means a need for new infrastructures for supply, which until now relied on tanker trucks.

Cryospain has been commissioned to carry out the design and production of approximately 2,000 meters of VIP tubing. This project will take a total of 50 working weeks from design work to shop production and product delivery. Our experts’ designs meet the EN 13480 design code and take into account an estimated pressure of 17 Bars. The diameters of the pipes range from DN50 for the smallest sections and up to DN350. The staggering dimensions of this liquid natural gas bunkering project make it probably the largest installation of its kind in Europe.

Cryospain’s experts: the right people for the job

At Cryospain we are experts in the design and production of vacuum-insulated cryogenic piping. Our technical team always brings its expertise in state-of-the-art calculation and design software to provide our clients the highest technology. So we love bringing this wealth of expertise to LNG bunkering, the future of cleaner shipping.

In addition, we have our very own production center where our technicians and operators carry out the assembly and construction of cryogenic pipes using job-specific machinery, the most advanced on the market. Our clients expect quality in all our processes, so our team of quality technicians rigorously check every step.

Hard work and high standards, the key to Cryospain’s success

Our cryogenic engineering, both national and international, are examples in professionalism. Quality, technology and exceeding our clients’ expectations are the pillars on which our company’s reputation stands. It’s what contributes to our successes, both at home and overseas.

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