Experience is a priceless asset in a company. So, turning 20 as a company with the international reputation we have was good reason to celebrate!

The Cryospain team was proud to toast to our 20 years of successful cryogenic projects worldwide. Two decades of dizzying growth, but always grounded in excellence and constant technological evolution.

Over the course of the years, Cryospain has positioned itself as one of the leading companies in the cryogenic engineering sector. However, we have never lost sight of the tight-knit family that is our team. On the contrary, we have cultivated a human-centric environment in which each person is a key piece. Each team member plays their role in satisfying you, our customers as well as in getting your cryogenic projects exactly right.

One big company, one big family

The Cryospain family is made up of more than 50 highly qualified professionals, distributed across our two production sites. Central among these passionate experts is our technical team of highly qualified engineers. We also have a specialized sales department and a manufacturing team composed of highly experienced operators and welders.

Our cryogenic projects are spread over four continents and more than 20 countries. Wherever we go, we offer our customers the latest technology to make their projects a reality. We also make sure to always be there to solve any technical requirements they may have.

Some of our cryogenic projects

  • 40 cryogenic flat bottom tanks (FBT).
  • 12 kilometers of vacuum insulated piping systems for liquefied gases
  • More than 20 gas filling stations
  • 9 LNG ship conversions
  • 5 NGV stations and LNG satellite plants

Quality standards that only come with experience

We are very proud of our high quality standards. These certificates are the result of our experts’ meticulous work:

Right now, Cryospain is hard at work on new cryogenic projects around the world, driven by a production capacity that has doubled in recent years thanks to the addition of a new cryogenic development center, which joins the one already located at our corporate headquarters. This is a crucial step in satisfying the demands of our customers, without ever compromising on quality.

And we want to continue our story with your business. Get in touch today and let us put our experience at the service of your cryogenic projects: cryospain@cryospain.com

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