Cryospain, an industry leader in LNG ship conversions is about to embark on another environmentally-beneficial project. We’ve been tasked with another overhauling of an engine system to LNG power. We’ll therefore be carrying out the design, manufacturing and installation of the vessel’s new LNG bunkering lines.

Why is the shipping industry switching to LNG?

It is no coincidence that since the beginning of 2020, LNG ship conversions have become an important trend. This year, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) confirmed the ban on carrying non-IMO 2020 compliant Heavy Fuel Oil. This has meant that more and more companies have decided to convert their ships to LNG. In other words, the success of their business now depends on refitting their vessels.

This crucial change in the shipping industry is good news for more than one reason. First and foremost, this technology is far more environmentally-friendly. But is also a wiser economic choice with big reductions in gas consumption costs.

Cryospain designed the mechanical and thermal systems complying, as always, with the highest quality standards. This included running pipe flexibility analyses and meeting RINA quality certificate guidelines.

To help grasp the scope of this project, here are some details of what it entailed:

  • 2 Double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel pipes with thermal insulation for LNG transmission, each more than 100 meters long.
  • 4 Double-wall stainless steel pipes for Natural Gas transmission, each more than 40 meters long.
  • 6 next-gen vacuum meters.

Smarter power – a shared passion

Our passion for reducing environmental impact through cutting-edge technology is nothing new. And we know our clients share this commitment. Our designers, technicians and other professionals work hard, therefore, to bring clients the most advanced technological solutions for their ships.

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At Crysospain, it’s our pleasure to promote smarter power for cleaner air and more satisfied customers.

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