Cryospain is ready to launch it’s seventh LNG adaptation project, retrofitting a ship in neighbouring Portugal!

At Cryospain, we specialize in cryogenic systems engineering. That’s why we’ve been tasked once again with designing the cryogenic piping system for a ship being adapted from traditional diesel to Liquid Natural Gas (LNG).

Since the introductIon of the new IMO 2020 regulations, more and more companies are choosing Cryospain to retrofit their ships to cleaner propulsion systems.

A worthy task and one we’re familiar with!

This project is the 7th LNG ship retrofit project the Cryospain team will design. The new installation will consist of 70 meters of DN100 diameter vacuum insulated pipe (VIP) along with 120 meters of DN100 diameter vented pipe.

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is a cryogenic product that is transported at more than 160 degrees below zero. This means we can store much higher quantities in a given space than with CNG (compressed natural gas). LNG’s reputation as the best option for maritime transport grows every day – a clean, accessible and affordable fuel.

Why is LNG a better choice for shipping?

Compared to fuel oil and diesel, LNG reduces CO2 emissions, the main cause of the greenhouse effect, by 20-25%. It also eliminates emissions of solid particles in suspension and reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by at least 80%. Furthermore, it practically eliminates emissions of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur oxides (SOx).

Cryospain demands quality and guarantees for our clients, so we have a commitment to the strictest international certificates. The quality auditor for this project will be Bureau Veritas, a company with more than 190 years of experience.

Piece by piece, day by day

The cryogenic piping system project will run over a total of 20 weeks. It is currently in the design phase, our teams planning and verifying all the details to resolve any setbacks that may occur. The second phase will involve the fabrication and pre-installation of all the necessary elements for the ship’s LNG retrofit, such as piping, connections, control and safety elements.

Once we’ve completed the second phase, we’ll transport everything we need to begin the assembly operation onboard the vessel. We’ll be carrying out our work at the West Sea shipyard in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. Cryospain has fond memories of previous successful collaborations at this shipyard. It’s an honour to once again be entrusted with a conversion of this kind, and in a familiar setting too. We expect the project, under the watchful eye of our project manager, to reach completion in early 2021.

Cleaner choices: the only choice we have

One of Cryospain’s firmest beliefs is in the necessity for sustainable development in our projects. It is of vital importance to us that we design and manage greener installations that promote respect and care for the environment. We also believe that it is essential that as a society we invest in the transition to cleaner energies. We bring this belief to both our means of transport and the way we carry out all of our projects.

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