Cryospain’s international projects keep growing, both in number and relevance.

Cryospain is not only building a reputation as a sector-leader in cryogenic flat-bottom tank design in our native Spain. We are also increasing our overseas activity, gaining increasing ground in the supervision of cryogenic flat-bottom tank projects in a growing list of countries all over the world. These include Singapore, Uzbekistan and the United States.

Below you’ll see the status of each of these projects. Our field engineers pay exhaustive attention to supervising every detail of the works. First and foremost, this means making sure every worker on-site enjoys a safe working environment. But it also means overseeing quality and progress controls to keep everything on track and up to standard.

Quality means leaving nothing to chance

At Cryospain, we pride ourselves on offering clients a truly comprehensive service.

How? By leaving nothing to chance.

Our engineers take over every detail from design through manufacture all the way to launch day. Firstly, we listen to our clients and make sure we’ve understood their needs and requirements. Then we can meticulously plan, source materials and prefabricate the necessary elements for the tank’s construction. Finally, we handle the sending and receiving of all materials needed to install, set up and build wherever our client needs.

One of our key values is constant communication with our clients. We believe in actively following-up on our existing projects. This not only makes it easier for us to satisfy needs, it also means we can meet any new demands before our customers have to voice them.

A global presence to ensure our standards are met, no matter the distances

To make sure everything is up to the standards our clients have come to expect, our engineers travel the world to supervise our projects. They currently oversee the work of local teams in the following on-site processes:

  • Ensuring everything meets the strict quality standards set out in our assembly procedures
  • Responding to any and all questions the client might have regarding the construction of the tank or how it works
  • Following-up on progress via daily reports and weekly progress meetings
  • Meetings to educate and coordinate regarding on-site safety
  • Supervision of pre-commissioning, commissioning and launch of the facility

Here are some of the activities our teams have been carrying out on our active Cryospain projects around the world:

  • USA (Phoenix): Hoisting and welding of roof to shell seams.
  • Uzbekistan: Fitting and welding of roofs at ground level and non-destructive testing according to construction codes.
  • Singapore: Insulation of tank base.

Cryospain – putting the customer first

At Cryospain, our first and firmest commitment has always been to our clients. We strive for excellence to guarantee both customer satisfaction and the highest possible standards for our products and services.

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