Even through the most challenging of times, Cryospain is proud of our consistent and sustainable investment in talent.

At Cryospain, we constantly invest in the latest technologies and most cutting-edge machinery. However, we know that the most important investment is in talent. Spain and the world have seen some challenging times recently to say the least. We firmly believe that empowering Cryospain’s community has been the key to surviving and thriving in the “new normal”. Not only have we continued to serve our clients, we’ve also done so without ever letting our strict standards drop.

This quality in adversity would have been impossible without the men and women on our teams and the growing collective expertise they embody.

Sustainable growth in our human capital

More and more clients request our services every day, especially, we’re proud to say, in the renewable energy sector. Demand is growing and the logical step, as we see it, is that our investment in talent therefore follow suit. We have been able to add four new experts to our teams, two in the technical dept. and two in the production dept.

These new arrivals to the Cryospain family demonstrate that, however difficult the economic and social backdrop, we will always see our human capital as the only way to continue to meet and excede our clients’ expectations.

High technology, the right men and women for the job – and years of experience

We have been bringing our industry-leading cryogenic solutions and projects to clients the world over since 2002. Today, Cryospain has one of the leading Spanish companies in terms of international growth. You only need to look at our projects everywhere from Czechia to India, from USA to Singapur.

Achieving excellence is what drives us both at home and abroad. The engine moving us forward are the men and women of Cryospain, led by professionals with a wealth of experience.

Welcome to the family!

We are delighted to welcome our two new draughtsmen to the family. These designers are trained and experienced in the use of industrial design software such as AUTOCAD, INVENTOR or SOLIDWORKS. They come from a background of large-scale international projects and bring their own unique vision to Cryospain.

Our production department will also be welcoming two new austenitic stainless steel welders, experts in the TIG – GTAW “Gas Tungsten Arc Welding” process. Reinforcing our production capacity, each of the new arrivals with more than 30 years of experience in metallic constructions. And they’ll need to draw on all that expertise! The cryogenic works carried out in Cryospain are highly complex and can reach temperatures as low as 4ºK (-269ºC).

A company is only as good as the people it invests in

The best companies are made up of the best people. That’s why at Cryospain, we take the highly-experienced and trained professionals on our team as our differentiating value. These new reinforcements let us continue to grow on our 3 foundations: quality, sustainability and reliability.

In spite of the difficult and uncertain times we, like all companies, have faced, our human capital lets us continue to treat each client as unique, striving to provide the cryogenic solution most tailored to their needs.

If you would like to join the Cryospain team why not send us your CV and get on board with a fast-growing, internationally-recognised company that believes in talent as the best investment.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll be welcoming you to the family soon too!

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