We want to tell you about our design and supply of vacuum-insulated piping systems (cryolines) for the Ukraine.

Cryospain has forged a reputation for ourselves as a leading name in Europe’s cryogenic engineering sector. This month, we start a new project designing and producing vacuum-insulated piping systems (VIP), or cryolines. They’ll transport liquid oxygen and help supply the Ukrainian steel and mining industry.

Cryospain: our recognition is based on experience

Our wealth of experience in the calculation, design and production of this kind of job comes from the number of national and international projects we have undertaken. It shows in the expertise of our engineers, draftsmen and production operators, all top specialists in cryolines. But experience alone isn’t enough; we provide them with the very latest in design software as well as finite element calculation programs. Cryospain also has a deep understanding of regulations on a regional and national level. This means we can always meet even the most demanding of our clients’ needs.

This new project will consist of more than 220 metres of vacuum-insulated piping with an estimated pressure of 16 Bar and diameters of DN20 and DN40. We will apply the strictest quality checks to the entire cryoline, as well as the rigorous helium leak tests Cryospain is famous for.

A new project to bid farewell to 2020 and kick-start 2021!

Our teams will soon begin work on the first drawings that they will then pass on to the production team. Each component along with its joint and welding will be crafted in the last quarter of 2020. So January 2021 will see everything delivered and shipped to its final destination in Ukraine. We’re happy to see out 2020 working hard on a new project and kick off the new year with another satisfied international client!

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