Cryospain undertakes a new vacuum insulated cryogenic piping project for the supply of Liquefied Natural Gas in the marine industry.

Another major project focused on energy transition for Cryospain. Our work is already underway on a new ship currently under construction. The RoPax-style ship is in an Italian shipyard and will transport people and vehicles between islands and the mainland.

This new international project once again positions Cryospain at the vanguard of cryogenic engineering. This is thanks in large part to our capacity to carry out end-to-end projects that include the design, manufacture and assembly of high vacuum cryogenic piping. Our countless projects in the maritime industry allow for flawless adaptations of LNG supply in ships that opt for greener fuels.

Natural Gas: a growing trend that’s good for the world

The commitment to natural gas in the maritime industry is an unstoppable trend and the low emissions it brings have never been so important. Current IMO 2020 regulations require ships and vessels to use fuels that don’t exceed 0.5% sulfur emissions. The aim of this regulation is to minimize the pollution generated by maritime transport and its environmental impact. Energy transition isn’t just good environmental sense – it’s the law!

Cryospain’s experts are currently designing the high vacuum cryogenic piping sections in 3D, using computer-aided programs. After the complete design, we carry out a finite element study to ensure the integrity of the design with the corresponding pressures and temperatures that the piping system will need to withstand.

Once verified, we manufacture the cryogenic piping sections. This is carried out in our two production plants, where we can guarantee the highest quality standards before shipping the parts. We then carry out the installation at the shipyard, including high vacuum and commissioning. Of course, all of the above in accordance with the quality certificate of the maritime classes applicable to this project.

An ambitious project on a grand scale

For this energy transition project we are designing more than 150 meters of vacuum insulated and/or vented cryogenic piping for the fuel injection, return and venting system.

After the complex installation of the vacuum insulated piping on the ship’s structure, we will perform the helium leak tests. Finally, we’ll move on to the pressure tests to ensure the quality of the assembly.

Drivers of the change to cleaner fuels

At Cryospain, we are committed to technology and quality. That is why more and more companies in the maritime industry have opted for our services. Our energy transition projects include LNG piping and distribution systems inside ships to feed the engines. We also provide technical solutions for retrofitting ships that opt for Natural Gas as an alternative fuel.

Cryospain’s teams are experts in the design, manufacture and assembly of vacuum insulated and ventilated pipelines. We advise and guide our customers to find the very best technical solution. Do not hesitate to contact us here or by sending an email to

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