This project was challenging for many reasons and also interesting on a conceptual level. Read on to learn how we overcame obstacles to solve a problem for more satisfied Crysopain customers in the USA.

This Flat-Bottom Cryogenic tank, situated in Freeport, Texas marked another significant step in our American expansion. Crysopain is proud of our growing reputation in the US cryogenics sector. Apart from being another successful American project, it was also one to remember for a number of reasons. Its purpose was to increase liquid oxygen storage capacity in order to allow our customers to run the production plant intermittently.

But why would our clients want to periodically pause operations at their plant?

The plant consumes a lot of energy and in the summer the state of Texas gives incentives to private companies for not consuming energy during certain hours to avoid collapsing the grid. In order to be able to meet these requirements, our client needed far greater storage capacity. That’s where our flat-bottom cryogenic tank comes in.

Challenges? Cryospain relishes them!

The area provided quite a few challenges. lying at sea level, the area is marshy and is subject to persistent rain and strong storms. The task of our experts and the local teams on the ground was complicated by difficult terrain conditions in which the ground would often become extremely muddy. The rain sometimes got so heavy that the site flooded.

Another issue was with customs in the US. Due to regulations there, we couldn’t ship the parts for the flat-bottom cryogenic tanks gradually. How did we get around this? More than 25 containers, coming from all over Spain, left on one ship for the States.

Another job well done

All of our teams had to draw on their years of experience to get this project over the line. We can now see it as one of our proudest achievements and another step in consolidating our growing international reputation. If you’d like to read more about the different flat-bottom cryogenic tanks we’ve built around the world, you can find more info here. Or if you’d like to speak to one of our cryogenic experts directly, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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